This is the garbage that actually made it to the trash can after a warm day at Ocean Beach.

Unfortunately, a ton of trash was also left on the beach and is strewn along Great Highway and the parking lots between Fulton and Lincoln.

I also saw several people using the bushes along Great Highway as urinals.

I don’t go to your neighborhood and litter and pee all over it – I’d appreciate if you didn’t do that in my neighborhood.

Maybe next time you come to enjoy the beach, you can try to leave it like you found it – pretty, clean and free of human urine.

Thanks for listening.


Yet another photo shot with my crappy camera phone while driving.

One more shot for your enjoyment – the Cable Car – a San Francisco treat! 🙂 (ok – I know that was Rice-a-Roni – but even we locals love our Cable Cars!)

Looking up Powell Street

April 14, 2008

Looking up Powell Street, originally uploaded by Luba Muzichenko.

My car is my mobile office. When you help people buy and sell San Francisco real estate, that just sort of happens. So you might notice a lot of shots taken from my car.

This one is looking up Powell Street at Union Square. I’m on the way to pick up a client to look at some condos today.

Amazing how I can hit “send” while I’m in my car (pulled over for safety of course) and this post will magically be on the internet in seconds.

Hope you’re enjoying the sunshine!

Bikes at Ocean Beach part 2, originally uploaded by Luba Muzichenko.

Ok – just one more photo of the bike riders on the beach! 🙂

Have a great weekend! 🙂

Bikes on Ocean Beach

April 12, 2008

Bikes on Ocean Beach, originally uploaded by Luba Muzichenko.

So you might notice I take a lot of photos at Ocean Beach. I can’t help it – it’s across the street from my house and I’m there pretty often.

Today was the perfect day to roll up my pants and go running through the waves!

For other folks – it was the perfect day to ride their bikes on the sand.

It was a beautiful day! Enjoy the weekend! I hear it’ll be just as beautiful!

Yet another reason I love SF – the views from random locations throughout the City.

That and the crazy weather. Yesterday it was cold and windy, today, it’s sunny – 75 degrees and just the right amount of breeze. If we keep this weather up for & few weeks – I won’t complain one bit!

Get outside and do something!!!